With the TV Addons Kodi add-on for Kodi, you can access a large library of movies, TV shows, sports, and other content on thousands of unsupported locations including Movies2k, Vodlocker, Megavideo, Putlocker, Movshare, EZTV, 123movies, Mrmovies, Icefilms, TV Series, and many more. With TV Addons, you can also access a large library of 3rd party add-ons including PVR, Addon Installer, Live TV, and Live IPTV.

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Either way, protecting your privacy should be a top priority for every internet user. A small mistake can lead to a major invasion of your privacy. If you look at the Kodi world, you can find many developers who claim to be the best addon providers, but the reality is always different from the claims.

These so-called Kodi addon providers can violate your privacy by installing malware on your Kodi device, which can make you lose your personal data in no time. Due to the increasing threat of malware to Kodi streamers, Kodi has introduced a tool for your online protection against viruses and malware. A tool called SafeKodi can detect problems before an addon is installed. SafeKodi detects malware before it enters your system.

What is SafeKodi, a Kodi program that allows you to safely browse the Internet

You might be wondering what SafeKodi is: it’s a new utility for Kodi that helps Kodi users stream their favorite media files safely and without fear of malware. This is a lot of work for the Kodi support team and researchers to identify and detect addons, builds and other malicious factors just before they are installed on the Kodi device. If you are looking for addons for Kodi without any malware or dangerous programs, there is nothing better than the SafeKodi addon.

There are several messages for dangerous and malicious addons

Unknown addon

If the addon is not in the Kodi database, the message Oops… will appear on the screen. will appear on the screen. The addon is not in our database. Come back later. The screen will look like this:

Secure addon

If the addon is safe according to SafeKodi, it will give a green signal and show a screen like this.

Warning sign

If the addon contains ads and links to third-party resources, a window similar to this will appear:

Uncovered addition

If the addon is 100% unsafe and contains malicious links and third-party ads, it will give a red warning and display a screen similar to this:

How do I install SafeKodi in Kodi 17 Krypton and Kodi 18.x Leia

Considering the importance of SafeKodi for all Kodi streamers, we will give you information on how Kodi streamers can install SafeKodi using the official Kodi repository in this Kodi guide below. Some issues may arise during the installation, but this method will help you overcome existing problems during the secure installation of Kodi.

  1. Open the Kodi home screen
  2. Select parameters
  3. Find the system and click on it
  4. Now select Addons
  5. Include applications from unknown sources.
  6. Go back by pressing the Back button to open the settings page.
  7. Now click on the file manager and select Add source
  8. Select Add a source
  9. Enter: https://safekodi.com/repo/ where it says NONE
  10. Enter safekodi in the following text box
  11. Press Ok
  12. Back to settings page
  13. Click on Addons
  14. Select the installation from the zip file
  15. Select the safekodi source file
  16. Now select script.safekodi
  17. Everything is ready!
  18. Wait a minute and hooray, SafeKodi is installed and ready to protect you from viruses and bad addons.

Last words.

It is a brand new Kodi security tool that helps Kodi users to watch their favorite content without fear of malware and viruses in the system. The addon displays an indicator just before installation, making the user aware of the impending danger of malicious addons. It gives the user a hint and does not block addons itself.

If users want to install it, they can, but it is better to leave this malicious addon as it is listed as malicious and dangerous. I hope you learned how to catch malware on Kodi. Let us know if you have any other questions about the SafeKodi tool for your safety. Have fun streaming!