How to Lock WhatsApp on iPhone without any App?

WhatsApp is a messaging app that sends and receives messages between smartphones. This app has a very simple function – it allows users to send and receive messages. However, with this app, users can also make voice and video calls. This app has become very popular due to its free messaging service. However, this app […]

8 Best laptop with ubuntu

The world of laptops has evolved quite a bit over the years. From the old bulky, thick and heavy machines that were only meant for business productivity, to the modern skinny and light laptops that many people carry in their backpacks. The new trend is still thin and light laptops, but this time the focus […]

Top 7 sites like YouTube

It’s no secret that a lot of people use the free streaming service YouTube for everything from watching videos and sharing the odd pair of shoes to watching movies and TV shows. And while YouTube is a great source for all these things, there are several other good sites that are just as good. YouTube […]

Microphone not plugged in error on Windows 10

You know that annoying message that pops up every time you plug in/unplug your speakers, headphones or microphone? You know the one that says ‘An unexpected error has occurred. Please try again later’? Well, I’ve been getting it for days now, and I’ve tried everything I could think to try. Nothing seems to work, and […]