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The majority of the computers sold and used today are designed for a single purpose: to enable a user to work and play. The majority of the users are men. Does this mean that computers are making men sick?

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Did you know that using a laptop on your lap causes infertility in men? According to a recent study conducted in New York and published in the medical journal Fertility and Sterility, using a laptop on a man’s lap can heat up his testicles, the site of sperm production. As a special precaution and for further research, scientists at New York University in Stony Brook (USA) attached temperature sensors to the scrotums of 29 men. The computers are placed on a person’s lap for 15 to 20 minutes and then tested. The temperature of the scrotum has reached a dangerous zone that can interfere with sperm production. This mainly concerns men who work remotely and outdoors (parks, stadiums, construction sites, etc.) and in most cases put their laptops on their laps because they don’t have a desk. People who work in offices and use a laptop desk for some reason do not have such problems, because their laptop does not come into contact with their body while working. The common view is that the heat from laptops is too dangerous, even for the computer itself. That’s why coasters and fans were created. Moreover, internal cooling coasters are mainly designed for gaming laptops because of their long life. The latest example is the Acer Predator Helios 300 laptop, which is equipped with the latest Razor Blade fans. The researchers were surprised to discover that even the use of cooling pads and towels provided no benefit. The only precaution is to use the laptop on a hard surface, for example. B. a table. Using a pillow is detrimental to the laptop itself, as a lot of heat is generated. When the cushion is in use, all vents are closed. The heat cannot get out and the laptop will be damaged by its own heat.

Men, your laptop can fry your testicles

Gamers and users who use the laptop daily and for long periods of time should take particular care not to place the laptop on a hard surface. It has been determined medically and through research that for maximum growth of sperm production, the testicles require a cool temperature, which should be one to two degrees below body temperature. Using a laptop inside another laptop raises the temperature by up to 2.5 degrees in an hour (according to recent studies). Using a laptop on your lap has long been a problem for male fertility because the crotch overheats, causing the testicles to burn. In other words, your laptop can fry your future children by overheating your sperm factory. So you need to think more about your future generation when you use a laptop. Another study, published in the journal Pediatrics, explains that overheating can also cause burnt skin syndromes. This condition can occur if you repeatedly expose your skin to moisture because you use a laptop on your lap for an extended period of time. This leads to darkening, structuring and discoloration of the skin.

Is it safe to use a laptop on my lap?

Laptop storage is definitely not safe for men and women. It can seriously affect you in many ways, for example B. :

  1. Back and neck pain
  2. Changes in sleep patterns
  3. Erythema Ab Igne (patches on the skin)
  4. Congenital malformations
  5. Causes cancer
  6. Burnt skin syndrome
  7. Causes problems during pregnancy

Thus, it can not only fry your testicles, but also have a greater physical effect on you.

How laptops affect the male testicles

A recent 2010 study of 29 men, published in the journal Fertility and Sterility, found that men who kept their laptops on their laps suffered from scrotal hyperthermia (overheating), with scrotal temperature rising to 2.0°C. The resulting temperature rise, which cannot be compensated for by a laptop cushion, may increase infertility in men. Sitting position is also one of the main causes of damage or lack of sperm production, leading to infertility or fried testicles. When men sit with their knees together, heat is created, making the sperm less mobile. The question is how this can be done. Exposure to electromagnetic frequencies from a laptop computer leads to reduced sperm motility and causes fragmentation of DNA, resulting in destruction of the testes.

How to prevent male infertility with laptops

Maybe whoever invented the laptop didn’t think about men’s reproductive health. But now I know that using a laptop on your lap can cause serious damage. Even if you don’t think you’re worried about your generation’s production, if you’re really concerned about the damage your generation could suffer or cause disabilities in your children, you should avoid using laptops on your lap. Use hard surfaces instead. You should ensure that you avoid posture, neck and back problems.

But why do most deny it and call it a myth

After a thorough study, I have come to the conclusion (based on research) that using a laptop on your lap can cause infertility in men. But on the other hand, some people believe that this statement is just a myth and has no reality. Some believe that this heating problem is solved in modern laptops. According to them, this problem already existed when laptops were as big as a briefcase. But now, with a smaller volume and better ventilation options, this factor has diminished.


Whether you agree or not, make sure you don’t use your laptop on your lap. The reason is that it’s not worth the price you have to pay for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can laptops harm testicles?

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Does a laptop fry your balls?

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Can a laptop kill your sperm?

This text is sensitive. Try generating new copy. For a long time, there have been rumors that the heat generated by a laptop computer could have adverse effects on fertility. According to a recent study, men who used laptops for more than 2 hours a day had significantly lower sperm concentrations. But more research is needed to confirm this.

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