Mario Golf: Super Rush Motion Controls is the third Mario Golf game on the Wii U to feature motion controls, a feature which involves the player moving their arms and hands to make the characters in the game move. The game was highly anticipated among fans due to the popular characters in the Mario universe such as Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi, and Bowser. For those who have played the Wii version of Mario Golf, this game is very similar due to the fact that it is not graphically different from the previous version, “Mario Golf: World Tour”.

The launch of Nintendo’s new Mario Golf: Super Mario World game for the 3DS handheld gaming system, marks yet another great milestone for the franchise. Not only does Super Mario Golf: Super Mario World bring back the beloved gameplay that helped make the series so popular in the first place, but it also marks the first time that you can play the game on the go, with motion control. It also makes great use of the 3DS’s stereoscopic 3D feature, which was first introduced with the battery-powered Nintendo 3DS XL system.

The Wii U is in the hands of consumers, and many of those consumers have been playing games on the console’s GamePad controller by the name of Mario Golf: Super Star Golf. Each day that passes brings us closer to the Wii U’s release date, but some gamers may be wondering how the controller’s motion controls will fare in a game of golf.

Thanks to Joycon technology, you can now play Mario Golf: GameplayOn Rushtakes gameplay to a whole new level. Instead of pressing buttons to play golf, use motion controls to familiarize yourself with the Mushroom Kingdom and hit balls with your favorite characters. Here you will learn how to activate this feature and how it works.

How to use the motion controls in Mario Golf : Super Rush

To enable motion control inMario Golf:Super RushInstall the game as usual and choose Motion Control instead of Button Control from the Playstyle menu. After that, all you have to do is set up the trick, choose which Joycon to use (left or right), and you’re ready to play.

As mentioned above, you can use the left or right joycon, whichever suits you best. Or, if you’re playing with multiple players, each player can use one. Controlling the Joycon is quite simple:

  • L/R: The impetus for training
  • SL/SR : Knob shot
  • LS/RS (from left to right): Focused on
  • LS/RS (top and bottom): Club for Change
  • Arrow up/key X: Top view
  • Left arrow/Y key: Search area

As you prepare to swing, make sure you bring the clubface to the ball, otherwise you will not be able to swing. Plus, it can be hard to know how much energy to use, especially when you’re almost starting to get green, when you’re just getting started. But after the first few times you use the motion controller in Mario Golf: Super Rush,you must be competent.

Operating the remote viewfinder

In addition to motion control, you can also use it in conjunction with the rangefinder to view the greens. Once you are on the green, you can call up the Range Finder to see what is in front of you. Allows you to determine distance, height and more. However, you cannot use the Range Finder in official tournaments.

As for the controls, if you’re already playing with the motion controls, just press the left arrowor the Y key to use the rangefinder. If you play with button controls, you can also just pressR to use the rangefinder. Just remember that you can only use it if you are within striking distance of the green.

To take it a step further, the Range Finder itself uses motion control by default. Just move the Joycon to move the rangefinder. However, if you prefer to control with RS, you can disable Range Finder motion control in the settings.

That’s all you need to know about motion controls inMario Golf:Super Rush. As with anything, you may need a little practice to get used to it, but it’s not too difficult. Don’t forget to check out our other golf guides before you travel:While the Wii U’s controller has its own unique design, the Mario Golf series has always been played with the SNES-style controller. With that in mind, the title of this demo is pretty apt, since players will be performing golf swings as they would with the Super Mario 64 Wii U game.. Read more about mario golf: super rush wiki and let us know what you think.

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