Instagram Story Viewer, IG’s New feature? Read to know more.

If you’re one of the many people who love using Instagram, you’ll be excited to hear about their newest feature. IG has just released a new Story Viewer that makes it easier to keep up with your friends’ stories. 

With this new feature, you can now see how many people have viewed each story, as well as which of your friends have seen it. This updated viewer also includes a button that lets you quickly jump back to the beginning of a story if you want to watch it again. 

So if you’re looking for an easy way to stay caught up on what’s going on with your friends, be sure to check out IG’s new Story Viewer! Keep reading to know all about this feature. 

If you’re an avid Instagram user, then you’ve probably noticed the new “Story Viewer” feature. This allows users to watch stories of people they follow even if they’re not following those people themselves.

This is a great way to get more exposure for your business and can be a powerful tool for marketing purposes. In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of using Instagram Story Viewer, and how you can take advantage of it to grow your business!

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What is Instagram Story Viewer?

The new feature allows users to view stories that their friends share even if the user themselves don’t follow those people. Previously, you would only see stories from accounts that you followed. 

Social media marketing has been revolutionized with this new update, as it now opens up your business page to users who may potentially be interested in what you’re sharing! This allows you to engage with them directly via the comments section.

Benefits Of Instagram Story Viewer Feature:

1) More Exposure for Your Business!  

Now when another user visits your profile they will be able to watch all of your stories unless they are also following you. This gives your business more exposure to users who may not be familiar with your brand and increases the potential for them to follow you.

2) Users Can Watch Your Story Even If They Don’t Have A Profile Picture or Bio! 

This means that even if a user doesn’t have a profile picture, bio, link back to their website, etc., they will still be able to view and engage with your story. The lack of necessary information is now less of an issue than before because people can still find out more about you and your company by watching your stories and engaging in the comments section!

3) Allowing Viewers To Scroll Through Your Stories Over Time  

Not only does this update allow users to engage with your story, but they can also choose to watch all the stories you have shared over some time. This is an excellent way for users to get reacquainted with your business and feel more connected to your brand!

4) Accessibility For More People  

Now anyone, even if they don’t follow you, will be able to access your account by viewing your stories. If someone finds any of your videos or pictures interesting or helpful, they can share it with their friends on other social media platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn. This gives you more exposure and another opportunity for people who are interested in what you’re sharing to take notice!

How Do You Use Instagram Story Viewer?

Using the tool is simple. After composing a story in Instagram’s app on their mobile device, all they have to do is press the three dots at the top right corner of the post and select “Share My Story”.

Now when they tap “next”, they will see four options: share privately with individual users, share publicly using a single hashtag, share publicly with other hashtags, or add to their story. Let’s take a closer look at each option:

1) Share Privately With Individual Users  

This option is only available if the user you are sharing your story with does not currently follow you! They will receive a notification from Instagram saying that they have received a new direct message–a video clip from your story. If they decide to watch it and like it, they can then share it with their friends!

2) Share Publicly Using A Single Hashtag  

By selecting this option the user who shared the story will be able to enter up to three relevant hashtags for others to find their post more easily. This is a great option if you want to get your story in front of people who may not already be following you and want to know more about what you’re offering!

3) Share Publicly With Other Hashtags  

Similar to the previous option, this allows the user to enter up to three relevant hashtags that are connected with their post. This is also helpful for gaining exposure because it allows other users who are interested in what your business has shared to discover it on their own!

4) Add To My Story  

Adding someone else’s post or story content directly into your own story is another great way for them to gain exposure while allowing your followers/fans to see what they have posted. It will show up in your story and can be watched anytime you’ve shared the post. Your original post will be added to the end of the video.


While this new feature may seem like another way for Instagram to take away views from your main account, it could actually be a great opportunity for you to increase engagement and grow your following.

We hope that you got to know all about this feature of Instagram.

Thanks for reading!