The most exciting part of a gaming franchise is following the flow of new characters. With each new addition, we see an opportunity to reevaluate the mechanics, to see how the story progresses, and to assess what the future of the series entails. But the first DLC for SMITE is shaking things up. The next chapter in the world of mythology and the pantheon of gods is called Immortal

Immortals by Matt W. S. is a new God DLC for “Age of Mythology: Extended Edition” out today, and it’s the developer Creative Assembly’s swan song for the beloved RTS series. (The company announced the future of the series last month, stating that it was switching gears to a new first-person shooter game.) This new DLC is a rather different creature from previous “Age of” games, because you don’t command armies . Instead, you play as a single hero and you only have two abilities: a boost move, and a fire ability that creates an area of effect damage. You’ll need to figure out how to use both of these abilities very well to succeed.

Just when you think you’ve seen it all when it comes to gaming, along comes a new medium: Virtual Reality (VR). Even though Virtual Reality has been around for a while, its popularity is picking up again thanks to the well-made, immersive experiences that modern VR machines like the Vive and Oculus Rift can provide. One such experience is “Immortals: Fenyx Rising”, which was developed to give gamers a robust, in-depth workout that’s also a lot of fun to play.

Immortals Fenyx Rising surprised many when it launched in December 2020. After the game’s announcement, it was easy to dismiss it as aBreath of the Wild clone stuck in the familiar world of Greek mythology. While the game bears many similarities to Nintendo’s game, it brings many new ideas and improved mechanics. Not to mention the clever and extremely funny script. It’s not particularly original, but it’s a damn good time. So far we know that there will be three DLCs forImmortals Fenyx Rising, and the first expansion of this trio will be released on the 28th. January 2021 published. TitledA New God, the main story continues and, for better or worse, you get to play bigger and harder puzzles.

Phoenix immortally reborn A New God DLC Review – More brains than brawn

word-image-11108 We don’t want to get too far into spoiler territory, in case some readers haven’t finished the main quest series yet. If you know how the gameImmortals Fenyx Rising ended, you know that the new DLC will pick up where it left off. The new area you can explore withA New God is huge and offers another unique style that fits well with the direction the story is taking. You’ll meet familiar characters, but this time you’ll have to pass special tests for each of them to further prove your skills. Each of these challenges is extremely complex and often requires you to uniquely combine different skills that you have mastered. A New God is some serious endgame content. You need to have a full set of skills and near maximum stamina to have a chance of completing some of them and getting nice, if unimpressive, rewards. The game includes a few new pieces of equipment to collect and some character upgrades, but this DLC is mostly about testing your skills and brain by trying to solve some fiendish puzzles that await you. word-image-11109 It is both for better and for worse. One of the things that makesImmortals Fenyx Rising such a pleasant surprise is that it doesn’t suffer from as much bloat as many other open-world games. Watching the game, there was a moment when I thought: Okay, I’m done with the side missions. Let’s go all the way. And I did, and I was happy. The side missions and other collectibles won’t stop you from completing the game and feeling strong as a result. So he returns to where the phoenix is and forces Hermes to say: Oh, but wait, that’s not all! It’s not really the big exciting moment I was hoping for from this DLC. When Ubisoft revealed its expansion plan forPhoenix Rebellion Immortals, New God was not the plan that immediately stood out. The second DLC is a brand new story inspired by Chinese mythology, and the third DLC promises new top-down exploration and Brower-style combat. So more of the same here is not bad- it’s just not very interesting. word-image-11110 The environmental puzzles here are more complex than almost anything in the main game. Knowing what to do at certain times is a monumental task, and plotting a flawless course to finish and earn a reward is extremely satisfying. There are many new mechanisms that make the game even more complicated: Portals that allow blocks to pass through walls, endurance balls that allow for very long slides, and laser obstacles that force you to combine all your fighting maneuvers. If you were disappointed thatImmortals was not challenging enough, you may be in luck withNew God. Although the battles have taken a bit of a back seat and the emphasis is on testing your wits and skills, you still get to face certain enemies in unique combinations, even though the mechanics are essentially the same.

Phoenix immortally reborn A New God DLC Review – TheConclusion



  • Challenging puzzles that require you to use all your skills in unique ways.
  • Continuation of the plot of the main quest
  • The storyline and characters are just as compelling


  • It’s a little overwhelming.
  • The lack of real character development, which was an important part of the base game.

A New God is really for players who have completedImmortals Fenyx Rising and want more. This is solid additional content for an already solid game, and it’s good to know thatImmortals Fenyx Rising will continue to be supported by the developers. Judging by the response toImmortals Fenyx Risingsince its release, it seems that many players are eager to dive back into the world of Immortals and take on the new challenges it offers. [copy of Phoenix Immortals Rising:]. New God was made available by the developers for the purposes of this research].In the latest game from Hi-Rez Studios, you’ll find yourself in the midst of a battle between the Gods of the Greek Pantheon. This is a MOBA for those who like a bit more action and speed, and although the action is a little overwhelming at first, it’s an enjoyable game that even lets you play the Gods themselves.. Read more about immortals fenyx rising gold edition worth it and let us know what you think.

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Is Immortals Fenyx Rising DLC worth it?

This review of the Immortals DLC will cover the following topics: Pros Cons Gameplay Experience Value for Money Final Verdict Conclusion This text is sensitive. Click edit and regenerate for new copy.

Is Immortals Fenyx rising the same as gods and monsters?

Ignoring the long-standing rivalry between the Greek Myths and the Norse Myths, the creators of Gods and Monsters decided to pit the gods and monsters of two different mythologies against one another in a fight for the ages. The gods and monsters of Immortals: Fenyx Rising are some of the most compelling characters I’ve encountered in a game. The game itself, a tactical battle with a healthy dose of RPG elements, is a fun experience. I only wish the developers had spent more time balancing the difficulty and fixing bugs. While I enjoyed the campaign, once it was over, I never felt the need to go back and play it again.

How long is the new God DLC?

The new God DLC Immortals Fenyx Rising delivers a full package of what to expect from a God DLC. It’s a bit darker than the base game, but still maintains the humor that is God’s trademark. The new environment is not as colorful as some of the other DLCs, but it’s a good change of pace and kept me interested through the whole DLC. The game is still hard and challenging, so don’t expect to breeze through it. When the new God DLC was announced, fans were eager to get their hands on it. And, as always, the DLC was free for all players, so there was no reason to hold back. The new DLC was released for download on the Playstation Network on the last Monday of last month, and it is available on Xbox Live for players of the game on Tuesday. As the DLC does not require an internet connection, players will have to wait until the next time they connect to the Playstation Network (or Xbox Live) to download it.

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