How to Setup Game Controllers for Retro Games in Kodi? – Expert Guide 2022

Have you ever wished there was a way to play retro games on Kodi? Then look no further than this new feature called Retroplayer. It’s easy-to-use and lets users enjoy their favorite 8 bit Nintendo 64 levels straight from the comfort of home!

I’m going to show how we can install these game files right into our media center so that they’re accessible at all times, whether it be day or night (or both).

So let me get started by explaining first things first: What is “RetroPlayer”? And what do I need in order for my computer system to meet those requirements before downloading anything else wrong?)

Kodi is an open-source, free media player that can be installed on a variety of systems. It is designed to offer customization and flexibility to users. One of the most popular ways to use Kodi is with retro games; however, controllers are not automatically configured for these games by default.

Update Kodi to Version 18 or Higher

The retro player was added to Kodi with version 18, codenamed Leia. So if you haven’t updated your Kodi system in a while then the first thing to do is update it! If that sounds like too much work for one evening just look online and there are tutorial videos on installing RetroPlayer as well as other games into an already installed platform which will make playing them easier than ever before – all through its own menu so switching back has never been simpler or quicker

If none of those options suit what ya fancy try clicking Add-ons from within Settings at any time by selecting File Manager (or opioids)

How to Install the Emulator?

The first step to playing retro games on Kodi is installing an emulator. This software provides the feel and sound of older consoles, just like when you used them yourself as a kid!

To install an emulator, go to Settings > Add-ons and select the Install from Repository option. From there you can find Game addons for your favorite consoles including emulators!

Emulators are programs that let you play games on different systems like the Nintendo Game Boy, Commodore 64, and Sega Dreamcast. You can have as many emulators installed for all of these consoles in order to experience a wide variety of gameplay options from one program!

The best way to experience the old-school glory of MS-DOS gaming is with an emulator. So find your favorite game and get ready for some serious nostalgia!

The installation should only take seconds but can be a bit tricky depending on what kind you want – there are tons out there so make sure it’s DOSBox before downloading anything else (and if not, just google “DOSBox install”).

How to Configure a Controller?

With the rise in popularity of video games, there has been an increased interest among gamers to play their old favorites on newer systems. Luckily for those who miss playing with controllers or want a better gaming experience without having any technical knowledge at all, emulators exist that can be used with Kodi! Whether you have an Xbox 360 controller handy already; configure it so its buttons are mapped just like how they were back then and enjoy hours worth of classics from yesteryear right now in HD 1080p thanks kiddo.

Now, go to Settings and then System. Find the Input sub-menu that lets you map controllers for your game console of choice! This opens up a mapping window where I can easily choose between Xbox 360 or Super Nintendo controller options based on what’s best suited at any given time in order to play these games with maximum comfortability as well as accuracy–without having one extra thing distracting from gameplay (like me).

From here, choose a button that you want to map. Hit the corresponding button name on Kodi using your controller’s buttons and then press them together for immediate results! If none of this sounds like something familiar or if it takes more time than just pressing one thing at once- don’t worry–the mapping will timeout after five minutes so go get a snack instead 🙂

When you’re done, hit OK to save your settings or Reset so that they will reset back to the default ones.

An Introduction to ROMs

The internet is a treasure trove of retro games. You can find everything from old vector arcade machines to 8-bit computer systems, and even some vintage consoles! The only thing you need now is the essentials: an emulator that allows for viewing these files called “ROMS.”

The problem with downloading ROMs is that they’re illegal. While emulator software may not be, the status of a downloaded game’s original copy can change depending on who made it and when. As such, you should only download games from copylefted sources like GPL or Creative Commons licensed content if at all possible!

Downloading a ROM for the game you don’t own could get your computer or laptop in hot water. But if it’s already on there, downloading an installable copy of that same program would likely be covered under fair use law and not break any laws.

A way to get around the hassle of downloading ROMs, you can simply rip your own with a Retrode. This is similar in function and legality as ripping CDs for personal use on computer software-wise; it’s just an alternative method!

How to Download ROMs on Kodi?

You are about to embark on a journey that will take you back through time and into the world of Prince of Persia. You may be wondering what it’s all about, so let us explain! The game is set up like this: first, find yourself in the library where there should already have been an entry for “Prince”. If not- no worries we can help out with finding some software titles easily enough thanks to our site-wide search function (just type ‘pop’ or whatever else interests ya). Once located head over the file Downloads section – Download from here if necessary then select the Start download button under zip files named either(1) 

How to Install ROMs on Kodi?

Now you can find all the best games on your Kodi system with just a few quick clicks. It’s easy to add them as well–just open up the Games menu and choose “Add Game.” From there, pick out one or more options that sound fun for both yourself and those who are coming over!

In order to install games on Kodi, you need to point them towards your folder of choice. Click Browse and then locate the .exe file in that directory; hit OK when done with selecting where all these files go!

Now open up the folder you choose. Locate and click on the .exe file inside.

Now you need to point Kodi at your game folder. Choose Browse and then locate the .exe file in that folder!

You Can Also Use The Internet Archive

With the method described above, you are able to play games that come on ROM form. This makes it easy because all your device needs is an internet connection!

There are other ways to play retro games if you don’t mind doing a bit more configuration, but this is one of my favorite methods. 

The Internet Archive holds an incredible collection of retro games which are playable in your web browser. But there’s a way to play them on Kodi too, using the Internet Archive ROM Launcher add-on and RetroArch!