Now that the Galaxy S10 is out, it’s time to look at the Galaxy S21. This is the Galaxy launched in the second half of 2019 and it’s the ‘next big thing’ for Samsung.

Android is the most popular smartphone operating system, and Android 12 is the latest version by Google. Although Google has always released a new version of Android, what makes Android 12 different is that it uses a new version of Android, which was called Android 5.1.1. Android 12 was released in August. This version of Android comes with new features, such as Android Pay and Android Auto. Some of these features have been available on earlier versions of Android, but they’ve been updated to work better with newer phones.

Android 12 is a new version of Android which is being developed by Google. We will be trying to root it. 1. Install TWRP 2. Install root checker 3. Install root checker again 4. Reboot your phone and activate Superuser 5. Reboot your phone again and get a message that will ask if you want to reboot 6. Reboot your phone again and get a message that will ask if you want to reboot 7. Reboot your phone again and get a message that will ask if you want to reboot 8. Reboot your phone again and get a message that will ask if you want to reboot 9. Reboot your phone again and get a message that will ask if you want to reboot 10. Reboot your phone again and get a message

Android 12 is the latest version of Android, which is currently in beta but will soon be released to the general public. This is one of the most important updates in recent years. Over the years, Android updates have only given us improved performance and a few new features. But today, Android 12 looks very different and also brings many useful features. If you have upgraded your phone to Android 12 and want to root it, then this guide is for you. Here’s how to install the root version of Android 12.

Android 12 has completed its developer preview phase, and the second beta is now live. In terms of features, Android 12 comes with a major UI update that uses the Material UI theme system. It changes the accent color to match the background image. Android 12 also has new widgets, new quick settings, and much more. It also supports the four-layer camera sensor, picture-in-picture improvements, a new way to deal with WiFi connection, etc.

Compared to Android 11, Android 12 offers more customization options, where you now have more options. However, there are still many limitations due to security issues. And if you want to get full control or rights over your phone, then you can root your phone. Although security has been improved in Android 12, you can still use the Android 11 method to root Android 12. However, if you are not familiar with the procedure, see the steps below.

Rooting is an increase in privileges on Android smartphones that gives you full control over your phone. You can change any settings or files on your smartphone. It also supports Android Terminal, which allows you to execute commands on your phone. Key features of Root include support for custom fonts, custom startup animations, and third-party themes. There are many additional features that you can take advantage of if you know about them.

So if you want to get advanced features on your Android 12, you need to root Android 12. Fortunately, this is possible thanks to a handy tool called Magisk. This is the best tool to root your android phone smoothly. Fortunately, this also works for Android 12 rooting. And so here we will use Magisk to root Android 12 phones. We will share two different methods to root Android 12. Let’s start with the first method.

Method 1: Root Android 12 with patchedfile

In this method we use a patched file, which can be a boot file or an AP tar file. For almost all Android phones, we can use the boot image file. However, for Samsung, you need to use the AP tar file instead of the boot image file. So when I refer to the boot image in the steps, you need to perform the same task for the AP file if you have a Samsung device.


Steps to root Android 12 with thepatch file

  1. Unzip the firmware and copy the boot.img file to the phone. Copy the AP.tar file for the Samsung firmware.
  2. Now install the Magisk application on your phone. The Canary build is effective on some phones, so you can also try Canary Magisk.
  3. Go to Settings > Developer Options and make sure OEM unlock is enabled.
  4. Open the Magisk application and click the Install button.
  5. In the next step, select the Select File and Repair option.
  6. Find and select the boot.img or AP.tar file; the boot image update will begin.
  7. The output file is saved in the download directory as magisk_patched.img.
  8. Copy the corrected boot image file to your computer in the C:adb directory. Also rename the corrected file to boot.img. Leave everything as it is for the AP.tar file.
  9. Restart your Android 12 phone in fastboot mode and connect it to your computer. The Samsung phone needs to flash the AP.tar file with the Odin software. Therefore, use this guide (instead of flashing the base AP file, flash a corrected AP file) and skip the steps listed later.
  10. In the C:adb folder (or platform-tools folder), press Shift + right-click on an empty area and select Open command window here or Open PowerShell window here.
  11. You can check whether the device is connected or not by entering the following command, which should return a device ID.
  12. Now enter the following command to flash Magisk and get the root version of Android 12.
    • fastboot flash boot boot.img
  13. After flashing the corrected boot image, reboot the device.
  14. Install Magisk Manager if it is not already installed.
  15. Follow the instructions in the application and the device will automatically reboot.

Method 2: Rooter Android 12 with custom recovery

Besides using a patched file, we can do a custom recovery, like B. TWRP, for rooting Android 12. This method uses a common tool – Magisk. Yes, as with the patched files method, we will flash Magisk directly with a custom restore.


Steps to root Android 12 with custom recovery

  1. First, copy the Magisk zip file to your phone, using an SD card if you have one.
  2. Go to Settings > Developer Options and make sure OEM unlock is enabled.
  3. Now turn your phone off completely.
  4. Then start the device in the custom restoration. You can use any combination of keys, e.g. B. On/Off + Volume Down or On/Off + Volume Up.
  5. Once the custom recovery logo appears, release both buttons.
  6. Now go to Install in Custom Recovery and select the file.
  7. Use the slider to flash Magisk and root your Android 12 phone.
  8. Then return to the user’s recovery home page.
  9. Now go to Clear > Advanced Clear and clear only the cache.
  10. You can then load your phone into the system.
  11. Once connected, locate the Magisk application. If the application is not installed automatically, install it manually.
  12. And if you see that Magisk shows a green checkmark under Installed, then you have successfully rooted your Android 12 phone.
  13. In case you change your mind, you can also use Magisk Uninstaller to root your Android 12.

That’s it, now you can check root access in any third-party root-checker app on your Android 12 phone. You can now use all applications and features that require root access on your Android 12 phone. You can also enable features that are disabled by default and that you never had access to before. And the best part is that you can use different Xposed modules. Below are instructions on how to install the Xposed Framework.

That’s it, a complete guide to rooting Android 12 with or without TWRP recovery. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments section below.

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