KODI (XBMC) is a program that runs on many devices such as Ubuntu, Windows, Android, Mac OSX, and Linux. It allows users to play videos, view pictures, view pictures of a TV or a monitor, and listen to music. If you are a new user of Kodi then you will probably want to know how to install Serendipity on Kodi.com.

Let’s start by answering the most important question: what exactly is Serendipity? It’s a free, open source, cross-platform, cross-vendor, cross-platform-with-some-windows-packages media player, which was originally developed and maintained by the Kodi team. It now has over 700 plugins from both third-party developers and the Kodi team itself, resulting in a highly-customizable platform.

Welcome back guys to another quick install guide on Serendipity Kodi addon repo. This is an amazing updated Kodi addon with huge collections for movies and Documentaries. All the content you will find in this addon is from YouTube. So, if you are a movie lover or want something of documentaries, then this addon is worth to install. Have a quick look on the step by step procedure given in the upcoming section of this blog.

There is the content of movies and documentaries pulled directly from YouTube channels. But keep one point in your mind that you must be logged in to Youtube before using this addon as YouTube is an important channel of content for this addon.

The addon is very simple and easy to use, so you are not supposed to be an expert, you just need some basic knowledge of Kodi addons in order to use Serendipity. Have a look at the install guide that is in the upcoming section of this blog.

How to install Serendipity on Kodi 16 Jarvis

  1. Go to home
  2. Select System
  3. Select File Manager
  4. Click on Add Source
  5. Select http://mavericktv.net/mavrepo/ in the top box
  6. Enter MAVERICK in the bottom box
  7. Select OK
  8. Now Back to the home screen
  9. Select System
  10. Click on Addons
  11. Select Install from zip
  12. Choose MAVERICK
  13. Select Repository.gracie2422.zip
  14. Wait for Addon enabled notification
  15. Install from repository
  16. Select gracie242
  17. Select Video addons
  18. Click on Serendipity
  19. Now Install

How to install Serendipity on Kodi 17 Krypton

  1. Download Kodi 17
  2. Go to Home Screen
  3. Select Addons
  4. Click on Settings button
  5. Enable Unknown Sources
  6. Go back to home
  7. Again Select Settings button
  8. Click on File Manager
  9. Add Source
  10. Enter http://mavericktv.net/mavrepo/
  11. Enter MAVERICK in the bottom box
  12. BACK to HOME screen
  13. Select addons
  14. Click on Browser
  15. Install from zip file
  16. Select MAVERICK
  17. Select Repository.gracie2422.zip
  18. Wait for Add-on enabled notification
  19. Install from repository
  20. Select gracie242 > Select
  21. Video addons
  22. Select Serendipity
  23. Click on Install
  24. Serendipity is now installed and ready to use