The EssentialPIM, an application that provides easy access to information from a variety of sources, is a new application that will change your life.

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Manage your contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, appointments, passwords and emails all under one roof with this highly secure personal information manager. EssentialPIM offers incredibly powerful email management features that allow you to prioritize and categorize emails in complex ways.

  • The information remains protected by a 256-bit AES key.
  • If necessary, you can do this directly from a portable device such as. For example, a USB stick.
  • Backup and sync to the cloud prevents data loss and gives you access to your data wherever you are.
  • Allows you to create cross-platform applications for Windows, Android and iOS.
  • A subscription to the EPIM cloud requires a monthly fee.

Are you overwhelmed by the increasing complexity of the task? If you can answer yes to this question, you are in the right place. I am an interior designer by trade, and although I started freelancing a few years ago, my business has grown significantly over the years.

Juggling clients was a breeze when I was dealing with just a few. But lately, it’s become a real headache, and I’ve been searching hard for a tool that brings together all the important information I need on a regular basis under one roof.

Then a friend recommended EssentialPIM to me, and I’ve been doing better and better ever since. Read on to learn more about the unique features of this tool that has made my life easier.


1. Data transmission

Before I knew EssentialPIM, I was always storing my data in different programs, which led to many synchronization problems. Everything under one roof seemed great, but I was skeptical that the program would support different file formats.

But to my surprise, EssentialPIM worked flawlessly and made the data migration process very easy. EssentialPIM’s extensive sync, import and export options ensure that my data is not locked and that I can move it in and out of the program with ease. EssentialPIM supports HTML, EML, vCard, RTF, XML, TXT, CSV and iCal formats, giving EssentialPIM great flexibility and many options.

2. Support for multiple languages

There are many French speaking professionals in my work team. They were open to the idea of software that stores all their information under one roof, but they had some reservations about how they would manage the software.

My colleagues don’t speak English very well. But EssentialPIM has been a revelation in this area too, with a choice of languages : German, Portuguese, Italian, French, Turkish, Russian, Spanish, Dutch, Polish and Chinese. One thing is certain: Language will not be a barrier to using this intuitive software.

3. Cloud integration

The best thing about EPIM is that it can work on both laptops and smartphones. However, these devices are prone to theft and malfunction, so it is always advisable to back up your data in cloud storage.

EPIM offers a turnkey solution to this problem in the form of EPIM Cloud, which backs up all data between your Windows devices and syncs it through a secure cloud. This was a blessing for me because it allowed me to work uninterrupted, even during a pandemic when I couldn’t get to my work laptop.

Access to contacts, calendar, notes, tasks and passwords was not difficult. All data is replicated every night, so nothing is lost.

Some of the cloud services supported by EssentialPIM are Office 365/, Google (Contacts, Calendar, Drive, Tasks), Dropbox, iCloud, ownCloud, NextCloud, CalDAV, CardDAV and Toodledo.

Synchronization always takes place in the background and never interrupts my workflow. I can also schedule the synchronization to run after certain events or at regular intervals, without worrying about discrepancies between offline and online data.

4. Open source database

EssentialPIM software is based on the Firebird open source engine, which allows me to fully customize the software to the needs of my organization. There is no proprietary format that I have to adhere to for an internal installation. The lack of locks allows me to write applications and plugins according to my preferences.

5. E-mail management tool

The email module of EssentialPIM works like an email client. When I installed the software on my device, I set up my iCloud, Google and Outlook email accounts so I could see all my emails under one roof. It has also helped me better organize my email with the search function.

The tagging feature lets you organize emails with related data so you can easily find them when needed. Recently, I took full advantage of the EssentialPIM email client for Windows by flagging all emails that were related to a particular client I was having performance issues with.

It helped me a lot when I needed to take serious action against a client, because I could get all the information under one roof and not have the difficulty of navigating through filtering tools. The EPIM e-mail module can be used both online and offline. It provides complete data security with PGP encryption, which prevents confidential emails from falling into the wrong hands.

6. User interface

EPIM can definitely be considered as the best alternative to Outlook as it has the look and feel of MS Outlook, making the transition easier for Outlook users. After installing the program, I had the option to work in dark or light mode.

The interface looked like a calendar and email program on my Windows desktop. However, when I logged into EPIM from my Android and iOS phones, it was a combination of apps for reminders, calendars and contacts.

Plans price

EssentialPIM Pro lifetime license
With 1 year free updates $39.95
With lifetime updates $79.95
EssentialPIM Pro Business Lifetime License
With 1 year free updates $59.95
With lifetime updates $99.95


The Pro version of this messaging and calendaring application comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. There is a trial version that you can try for free before making an expensive purchase. If you are facing organizational challenges, EssentialPIM may be the best choice for you.

It can perfectly map all important information and even create links between data, so that changes in one element are reflected in the corresponding element. It’s almost like having a personal secretary who never makes mistakes and always keeps track of your emails, contacts, notes, meetings, tasks and passwords.

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