One of the most exciting developments in consumer technology is the emergence of gaming monitors, with a lot of different companies pitching their products and hoping to get a piece of the gaming monitor market pie. If you’re not familiar with gaming monitors, they tend to be larger, higher resolution, and typically have more advanced features than your standard home computer monitor. Although gaming monitors aren’t new, they have become a major force in the computing world in the past few years thanks to the rise of the “PC gaming” industry, but they have a few drawbacks. While gaming monitors have a lot going for them, they’re not for everyone, especially those that don’t play a lot of PC games. Reviews of gaming monitors often focus on the monitors’ gaming features

My first monitor was a 19-inch CRT. The very first thing I remember watching on my monitor was the opening ceremonies of the 1988 Summer Olympics (yeah, I’m old). The very first web site I visited was the Web (yeah, again, I’m old). Know what else I remember? I remember having to send my monitor to the store and exchanging it for a newer model that had a better resolution (yeah, again, I’m old).

Dell has a very nice product this year which looks nice and works well although it is not really needed by most people. The optional speakers are a nice touch, but the biggest improvements are the improved video and audio quality. For a monitor that is so close to a TV, it is surprising how poor the picture quality is. Also, the new colors are really nice, and the LED lighting is nice as well.


  • 34 QHD
  • Multiple ports for easy connectivity
  • Virtually universal monitor
  • A sleek look that fits any table


  • Price – $$$
  • The speakers could be better.

In the sea of monitors to choose from, there is an interesting category for the niche market. In Dell’s words: Conference monitors. The fact is that these monitors don’t occur to many people because they are intended for a very different audience. But he has all the bells and whistles, whatever you want to call it – he has them. A speaker, a 34-inch ultrawide QHD display, more ports than an Ultrabook, and a built-in webcam. Since this is an all-in-one package, is it worth buying instead of the other existing packages?

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Dell brand design on

Dell’s product philosophy of making everything clean works. If you’re familiar with the full range of products they offer, it probably won’t surprise you. The safe design is so modern that it fits into any environment. Nevertheless, this particular monitor is reliable, with a really nice design and thick construction of the screen itself. It’s pretty heavy, so if you’re setting it up, make sure you have a stand or even a cushion so you don’t drop the screen and break it. The monitor also comes with a simple but sturdy stand, which is slim and has none of the extras you see on gaming monitors. If you have a Dell XPS or something similar, this monitor will look great on your desk.

An attractive and clear display

On the front is an ultra-wide 34-inch QHD screen that spans the entire table. It’s curved, so for those who don’t like curved screens (like me), it won’t be to their taste. Still, it’s a very pleasant screen to look at. As we all know, Dell makes good monitors on the market, and their Ultrasharp is no stranger to consumers. The Ultrawide screen we see here is a very nice screen with an IPS panel and good viewing angles. It’s fun to edit on this monitor, but because it’s curved and adds some sort of distortion, it’s not ideal for those creating content, but you can try.

Ports to connect anything

Your thoughtful approach to the port is commendable. Very few monitor brands take the initiative to place extra ports on the side for quick access – this monitor is one of them. There are three quick-access ports on the bottom – a combo headphone jack, USB-C and USB-A. A delightful choice. The back of the monitor has more ports than you can imagine: 2 USB-A 3.0 ports, an Ethernet port, a USB-C port (a duplicate of the laptop’s DisplayPort and power port). That way, it’s easier to unplug a cable from the laptop when you’re about to leave than to unplug too many cables from the laptop.

Soundbar speaker, which can only be used with.

It has a fabric-covered sound bar in the front and 2 5W speakers in the back, and the sound is good. Since this is a conference monitor, don’t expect it to emit thunderous low and high frequencies that could drown out music. Instead, the speaker is more in tune with the word; this is a conference monitor, after all. The voices are good and loud enough to hear what the other person is saying.

Webcam with Windows Hello hidden feature at the top

The webcam is not visible and sticks out far above the screen. One click and it appears. It also works with Windows Hello because it has a built-in IR sensor. The camera we find here has a 5MP sensor with features like auto-exposure control and a built-in microphone – so you don’t need headphones to plug it in. It also has an echo cancellation function – for clear and distinct hearing. The camera works as it should, but has some problems maintaining exposure as it overexposes in some places. The monitor’s microphone seems to be pretty roomy – check out our video review for more.


With the pandemic trapping us at home and every physical meeting turning into a virtual one via Google Meets, Microsoft Teams, the demand for a better screen and webcam continues to grow. The Dell C34WE Conference Monitor meets users’ needs and all the items on the list, but it does come at a price. It’s not a small one. This monitor costs RM8,179, which is more than you can spend on it. Is it clear now that this is a niche monitor?

If you work for a company that is willing to spend money on a good number of monitors, this Dell C34WE is an absolute machine and a great asset to the company, but it is not suitable for a home installation – it will only cause buyer’s remorse, as was the case with me.

Special thanks to Dell Malaysia for providing the Dell C34WE laptop for evaluation purposes and for creating this hardware.

 The Dell C3422WE 34″ Conference Monitor has been around for a couple of years now, yet I still can’t get people to take me seriously when I talk about it, which I find odd because it is one of Dell’s top-selling and most widely used models. While it has its flaws, such as its mediocre image quality and loud hum, I have had a lot of great experiences with the C3422WE 34 and think it is a nice monitor, but a niche model.. Read more about dell c3422we monitor and let us know what you think.

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