We all love our phones, and would hate to see them getting damaged. However, the sad truth is that phones do get damaged, even causing them to stop working. If you’ve recently dropped your phone or if you think that your phone’s not working as well as it was before, you may be panicked. However, there’s no need to worry – after reading this, you’ll have a three-step checklist that you can use to fix your phone.

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If your Android phone (or any phone) won’t turn on, read exactly the right guide to fix the problem! If your phone stops turning on at all, but you’re sure the battery is fine because you bought it a week ago, it’s more likely that the cause is software.

After reading this guide, you will be able to troubleshoot any firmware or application issues when your phone does not turn on. If it’s an old phone you don’t care about, you can take the risk of opening the back yourself, but since you’re probably an average consumer (who doesn’t know much about hardware), you won’t get very far. Eventually you put the cover back on because you realize there’s nothing left to fix because everything looks fine (it happened to me!).

However, to troubleshoot software related issues, here are some steps to troubleshoot if your Android phone won’t turn on!

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Plug the phone into a power outlet and check whether it starts up

During my last summer vacation, I was so enthralled with The Walking Dead that I watched it for 8 hours straight on a beautiful Sunday. You can guess what happened next. My phone rang halfway through episode 3 of season 7 (see, I remember!) and I almost had a heart attack. I tried holding down the power button hoping it would turn on, but it didn’t. That’s because the battery was completely drained from sending zombies all day.

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I put my phone in and guess what happened? The loading sign appeared, and I was relieved to see the animation where the green bar fills up (and the success icon appears in the middle).

After charging the phone for 5 minutes, I tried to start it and yes, it started.

Your phone may not be liquid at all! Try charging it for a while to see if it recharges.

If you have been charging your Android phone for a while but it still won’t turn on, the next step is to

Boot your Android phone in safe mode if it doesn’t turn on!

Some startup applications (i.e. applications that run in the background when the phone is turned on) can cause the phone to crash, resulting in endless downloads.

To boot your phone with as few applications running in the background as possible, force the phone to boot in safe mode. To boot into safe mode, you must press the volume keys in a specific way during the normal boot process. Go to the manufacturer’s website to find out how to boot your Android phone in safe mode.

If everything is fine when you boot into Safe Mode, you just need to get rid of the recently installed applications. However, if a recent system update has caused this problem, you will have to wait for the manufacturer to fix it, as you probably won’t be able to work with the system files in safe mode.

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Secure mode failed? Accept recovery mode!

If you have data on your phone that you can’t afford to lose, this step is not for you! Doing a factory reset will erase the last changes you made on your phone, and that might work. However, you will lose all your settings and applications (and everything else), and reconfiguring your Android phone is tedious!

You can force most Android phones to restore factory settings at startup by following these steps:

  • After pressing and holding the volume key, you can start the phone by doing the same with the power key. A menu appears with everything written in the font you see in the hacks scenes of the movies.
  • Check an option that says to clear data and applications and reset the phone to the default configuration. Once the repair is complete, your phone should work like new again.

If none of these steps helped, it’s time to send the phone back to the manufacturer for repair. There are offers on the internet that suggest flashing the phone’s ROM by connecting it to a PC, but this is very risky and may damage the phone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prepare my phone for repair?

Like all modern electronic devices, the smartphone is a complex piece of technology composed of many different elements, including the processor, display, RAM, memory, camera, and battery. If you’ve been dropped or otherwise damaged your phone and the screen is displaying a red exclamation mark, don’t fret. You’ve got a few options to try to fix the problem. ~ tl;dr: Breakdown of blog posts Notice how each blog posts is about 250-300 words long. That was done so the blog post is just long enough to be valuable, but not so long that the reader loses interest. This is because we want to give the reader a taste of our writing style, and also give them value in the form of information When you travel with your phone, you must always pack it appropriately. This means making sure that it is protected from damage and that it is easy to get to when you need to use it. However, the best way to prepare your phone for travel is to make sure that you have the correct travel charger for the region you are going to.

How do I troubleshoot my phone?

The problem that you’re having with your phone is not uncommon. It’s an issue that many Android users face, and there are several reasons why this might happen. Fortunately, there are several things you can try to fix your phone. Here are some of them. This blog we will be talking about the different ways to troubleshoot your phone. Firstly, you have to find out why your phone won’t boot. What you need to do is go into the recovery menu. This may be different depending on the type of Android phone you have. So, let’s go over a few steps to get you started.

How can I secure my phone for repair?

While it’s relatively easy to fix most small problems on your own, fixing more serious issues on your own is a whole different story. If you’re intent on trying to save money, you can always buy a few inexpensive parts and try to fix your Android phone yourself. However, a safer bet is to take it in to someone who specializes in fixing phones or tablets. There are a few ways to find a reputable person in your area. Fixing a cracked, water damaged, or malfunctioning phone can be a stressful and expensive endeavor. The average cost of repairing a cell phone is $291.00, according to a survey by Fixr.com. The cost of replacing your mobile device can be so high that it may cause you to buy a new phone instead of repairing your old one.

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