If you are looking for the best free photo editing software for Windows (2021) then Windows 10 is the best OS. It has tons of features that you would love to use. There are some amazing photo editing tools that you can use on it. Some of them are free while some are paid. Let’s see the best free photo editing software for Windows 10.

Windows 10 is taking us to a new era of computing. It is a time where people are looking for the best free photo editing software for Microsoft Windows (2021). So, here is a list of 10 best free photo editing software for Microsoft Windows 10 (2021), which can easily help you in editing your photos without any cost.

The “bloatware” that comes pre-installed on your new Windows 10 device could be causing you more harm than good. Many of these apps are completely useless, but you might not realize it because they are pre-installed. Software like Candy Crush and Angry Birds are known to take up a lot of space on your device, so it’s always better to uninstall them. But before you do, we recommend checking out our list of the best free photo editing apps for Windows 10.

Need the best photo editing software for PC to download for free? Photos are very valuable in everyone’s life, because they are not just photos taken with a smartphone or digital camera; these photos are beautiful memories that stay with us forever.

Many of us like to edit our photos to make them prettier or cuter before we share them. But retouching a photo with software is a rather complicated and expensive operation on Windows. We use Photoshop, the best image editing software on the market.

But it’s not free, and it’s also difficult for the average user who has had no training in Photoshop. We pay about $10 a month to use Photoshop and $120 a year, which seems expensive to us since we spend a lot of money editing photos for fun that we could have spent elsewhere. That’s why people are looking for the best free online photo editor.

But I have good news for you, you don’t have to pay a penny for photo editing because there are many free online photo editing programs that can simplify the photo editing process. So, here I have listed some of the best free image editors for Windows that will surely help you in choosing an image editor.

Best photo editing software Download 2021

Below is a list of free image editing programs that you can download to your computer. These are good alternatives to Photoshop for image editing that you can use for free. This program can perform the same tasks as Photoshop and sometimes even more. So let’s move on and discover the best free photo editing tools.


GIMP free image editing software

GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is one of the best photo editing software for PC that you can download for free. GIMP is a bit like the free Photoshop. It is designed to use many of the filters, tools and photographic effects you can get in Photoshop. It is an open source image editing program available for Windows. It is the best software for every graphic designer, illustrator and photographer.

GIMP photo editing includes standard brushes, a text editor, and color tools. GIMP’s greatest strength is its flexibility and customizability. GIMP has many plug-ins you can use, making it the most flexible photo editing program on the market. It works without any problem on all platforms.

Download : Link

2. Paint.NET


Paint.NET is a free image and photo editing software for the Windows platform. The program has a very clean and uncluttered interface, and the tabbed file access makes it easy to work with multiple images at once.

This tool is powerful and easy to use. Unlimited undo levels allow you to try out different ideas without fear of losing the original image. You’ll find many filters and special effects that can turn your image into an oil painting or pencil drawing with one click.

This is the best photo editing software for beginners. With a good set of selection tools, support for layers, and corrections such as curves and brightness, Paint.NET is a good alternative to Photoshop for image editing.

Download : Link

3. Pixlr


Pixlr for Windows is the best free photo editor for online and offline use. It can be downloaded from the official Pixlr website. Pixlr tools give you more control over the photo editing process. Pixlr is a free photo editing program similar to Photoshop.

The program offers all the basic tools to easily crop and resize images, as well as stylized filters to turn photos into sketches and watercolors. The Auto Correction Tool lets you make quick corrections, and the Dual Exposure Tool lets you combine two images into one. You can use it offline and online.

Download : Link

4. PhotoScape


Free download of PhotoScape – Photo Editor for Windows 10. In addition to image editing, PhotoScape lets you create slideshows and animated GIFs, take screenshots, merge images, and share them.

You can apply filters, crop and optimize photos to make them larger or smaller, remove red-eye, change settings such as brightness, contrast and color balance, and make other necessary changes to photos.

There is also a small tool that is extremely useful: it allows you to take photos in RAW format, which is used by many digital cameras, and convert them to JPEG format for better use.

Download : Link

5. Fotor


Fotor is the best all-in-one photo editing software for PC. It is a simple but easy-to-use photo editor that allows you to edit photos without being a Photoshop expert.

You can open a photo and click on Scenes to quickly edit the photo with a single enhance button or various scene presets such as sand/snow, night and other lighting conditions, as well as common actions such as cropping, vignetting, shadows, curve correction, etc.

Adding a frame to a photo is easy, although as in other editors, the frame is applied to the photo rather than enlarging it.

Download : Link

6. Serif PhotoPlus Starter Edition

Serif PhotoPlus Starter Edition

PhotoPlus is the best free photo editing application for PC developed by Serif for Windows. Serif PhotoPlus lets you edit and customize your images in an easy-to-use format suitable for both novice and advanced photo editors.

Use PhotoPlus to edit, enhance, and organize your photos with simple photo editing tools like red-eye reduction, contrast, brightness, cropping, and more. Users can also straighten photos, adjust layers and remove unwanted objects from the photo. Unfortunately, the most advanced and desirable features of PhotoPlus Starter are limited to the paid version of the program.

Download : Link

7. Photo shading


Photo Shader is one of the best photo editors you can download for free for Windows PC. With Photo Shader, you can make your photos look great. This software is simple, fast and easy to use and the user interface is also user friendly.

Photo Shader has 48 customizable shadow effects, filters and adjustments to make your photos look great and allows you to save your edited photos only in the full version.

In the History tab, you can view all the changes you’ve made to the original photo in a list and easily undo effects applied to the photo. When you are done editing the photo, you can save it by clicking on the option to save the photo as a JPEG file in a location of your choice.

Download : Link

8. PicMonkey


PicMonkey is a great online photo editor with lots of photo editing options that lets you edit basic photos without having to download software.

PicMonkey offers features that allow you to rotate and crop photos, as well as resize them and add effects. PicMonkey has three main functions: edit/retouch, design and paste.

The edit and retouch function allows simple changes to be made, such as removing stains and whitening teeth, the design function allows images to be added to images, and the paste function allows multiple photos to be combined into one large photo.

Download : Link

9. Sumo color

Sumo Paint

Sumo Paint is an online photo editing program that changes the background and offers many of the high-end features you are used to from Photoshop, while running directly in your web browser.

Sumo Paint seems to be the best image editing and drawing program for the desktop. It is equipped with many different functions, such as. B. A variety of brushes, filters, gradients, 3D effects, symmetry tools and more.

Download : Link

10. Collection Nik

Nik Collection

Nik Collection is a complete image editing package from Google and is 100% free. It consists of seven desktop plug-ins that offer a powerful range of photo editing functions, from applying filters for color correction, retouching and creative effects to sharpening images to bring out all the hidden details and the ability to adjust the color and tone of photos.

Nik Collection software provides photographers with additional tools to easily enhance their images.

These tools include Silver Efex Pro, Analog Efex Pro, Viveza, HDR Efex Pro, Color Efex Pro, Define and Sharpener Pro. These plugins perform various tasks to refine your image and improve its quality.

You do not need an account to edit photos in Sumo Paint, as it is an online editor. You can import photos directly from your device and export them to the same place after editing.

Download : Link

What is the best photo editing software?

All these free photo editors I have mentioned above are the best free photo editing software for Windows 10. GIMP, Paint.NET and Pixlr are perhaps the best alternatives to Photoshop. If you use any of these programs, please share your experiences with us.Over the years, there has been an enormous growth in the usage of photo editing software. This is mainly due to the high demand for photo editing services and smartphones and tablets being equipped with such apps. But, this has created a problem as the number of photo editing apps on the market is very high. As you look to find the best photo editing software for your needs, you will have a hard time to find a good photo editing software. But, don’t let this discourage you.. Read more about gimp photo editing and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best free photo editing app for PC?

There are a lot of free photo editing apps for PC. Some of the most popular are Paint.NET, GIMP, and Photoshop.

What is the easiest free photo editing software to use?

The easiest free photo editing software to use is GIMP.

Does Windows 10 come with photo editing software?

No. Windows 10 does not come with photo editing software.

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